The Future of Healthcare

Innovative healthcare solutions

We’re partnering with practices and health systems to build the future of healthcare because we believe people deserve care that treats them like a person – not a diagnosis.


Advanced Care Coordination Framework

Proactive, patient-centered engagement
Clinical staffing resources allocation
Training / Education
Advance care management modules
Decision support

A holistic approach to healthcare

As leaders in population health, CareNu’s holistic approach combines the power of data with clinical, social, emotional, psychological and spiritual care.


30% SHARED SAVINGS realized for our partners


A partner in life-changing care

Our partnerships with provider-led managed care teams look at people as more than their chronic illnesses.

The result?

Quality outcomes

Better quality of life

Reduction in healthcare disparities

Increased access to care

How our partnerships work

CareNu is taking an innovative approach that melds managed care and patient-centric individualized care. This is managed care, elevated.

An optimized healthcare experience

Our program gives people and their families what they need when they need it the most.

Symptom care with phone advice for urgent needs day and night

In-home, video or phone visits with a nurse or social worker

Help coordinating additional care and case management

Personalized nursing care and convenient access to case managers

Behavioral and social health assistance

Be part of the future of healthcare

Whether you're a provider or a future member, we can help. Drop us a line and let's chat about how we can partner to make healthcare work for you.

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