CareNu’s Subsidiary SECUR Receives HMO License

SECUR’s Medicare Advantage special needs plan will enable CareNu to better serve individuals with advanced chronic illnesses.

TAMPA, FL. (April 23, 2024)

CareNu, a data-forward healthcare organization using predictive analytics to revolutionize care for the medically vulnerable, announced that its subsidiary, SECUR, obtained a Healthcare Maintenance Organization (HMO) license to pursue its goal of launching a Medicare Advantage Institutional Special Needs Plan (I-SNP). This expansion marks a significant milestone for CareNu and will allow the organization to continue revolutionizing healthcare for individuals with complex needs and advanced chronic illness.

“CareNu’s SECUR embodies our mission to be a lifeline for individuals battling complex chronic illnesses, offering a level of care and support unparalleled in the industry,” said Paola Bianchi Delp, president of CareNu. “In launching SECUR, we are building on the success of the other innovative service lines in our portfolio, which bring agility, customer service and personal engagement to patients and providers every day.”

The new plan will emulate CareNu’s other successful programs, which coordinate chronic care for over 5,000 people. Through ASSURITY DCE, the organization has revolutionized care for more than 2,000 patients. From 2021 to 2023, the program saw a 52-percent reduction in emergency room visits and a 61-percent reduction in hospitalizations. By leveraging cutting-edge analytics, population health analysis and social determinants of health surveys, CareNu ensures each member receives personalized, comprehensive care that addresses their unique needs.

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About CareNu

CareNu, a subsidiary of Chapters Health System, is a data-forward healthcare organization using predictive analytics to revolutionize care for the medically vulnerable and their families. We are paving the way for a new approach to healthcare in America by leveraging data and resources to optimize the patient experience and care delivery model. More than a healthcare provider, CareNu is the embodiment of forward-thinking philosophy, where cutting-edge solutions meet compassionate care. The organization is an architect of a future where every patient’s journey is met with the highest standards of excellence. To discover the future of healthcare, visit

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About Chapters Health System

As a progressive leader, premier healthcare organization and parent company of CareNu, Chapters Health System is dedicated to delivering innovative care throughout chronic illness progression and beyond. Since 1983 as a community-based, not-for-profit organization, Chapters Health has provided choices, education and guidance through its managed affiliates. The organization has an extensive portfolio of offerings in its family of services, which are provided to improve the patient/family experience well in advance of end-of-life needs. To learn more, visit



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