About CareNu

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Revolutionary healthcare

CareNu partners with innovative and tested leaders in the community delivering groundbreaking solutions for our clients’ unique needs.

Our mission

CareNu provides support and care for the medically vulnerable and their families by offering a wide variety of compassionate healthcare choices.

Our vision

CareNu will pave the way for improved healthcare outcomes by giving patients access to personalized, quality care.

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Champions of quality care

We created CareNu based on decades of learnings in chronic illness management and care coordination. As we surveyed the changing landscape of healthcare, it was clear that an emphasis on quality and holistic individual care was needed—an approach we’ve always provided to our members.

Connect with the experts in population health

CareNu represents the application of a personalized approach to chronic illness management and chronic illness care coordination. We create opportunities for holistic care across the disease continuum, reaching our patients further upstream than ever before.

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