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Discover the latest achievements, milestones and human stories at CareNu. From groundbreaking healthcare solutions to the dedicated individuals behind our success, get an exclusive look at how we’re partnering with practices and health systems to redefine healthcare.

Meet Modern Healthcare’s 2024 Women Leaders

Modern Healthcare has been honoring the industry’s women leaders for nearly two decades. During that time, the program has featured members of the C-suite at hospitals, health systems and insurance companies, elected officials, association executives and startup...

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2024 BusinessWoman of the Year Honorees Revealed

hirty women will be honored in the 2024 Tampa Bay Business Journal's BusinessWoman of the Year Awards, including Paola Delp, president of CareNu and chief business development officer for Chapters Health System. Tampa Bay Business Journal Editor Alexis Muellner...

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How ACO REACH seeks to transform healthcare

To transform the healthcare industry by reducing costs and improving quality, the federal government is seeking to change how it pays for healthcare. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has been testing payment models through its innovation center, aiming...

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